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The COVID-19 positivity test rate is up. More Kansas Citians should get tested, officials say

Despite an increase in COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations and deaths in the Kansas City area over the last few weeks, officials say fewer people are using free community testing sites run by health departments. “It’s definitely concerning,” Frank Thompson, deputy director of the Kansas City, Missouri, Health Department, said of the decrease in people getting tested. […]

Rural Kansas and Missouri face unique challenges with COVID-19

COVID-19 has spread to rural counties in Kansas and Missouri, leading to spikes in cases that weren’t seen in the earliest stages of the pandemic. A combination of factors — population size and distribution, the presence of meatpacking facilities, and COVID-19 outreach programs — is affecting how these areas are responding to the virus. Many high-risk neighborhoods are also more likely to be low-income, immigrant communities, many of whom work in rural Kansas and Missouri meatpacking plants.

In Kansas City, the Latinx community faces extra challenges with COVID-19

In Kansas, Latinx people contract COVID-19 at a rate 5.7 times that of non-Hispanic residents for cases in which ethnicity was reported — 22.9% of cases are missing ethnicity data. Latinx people accounted for almost half of COVID-19 cases in Wyandotte County, where 29.8% of the population is Latinx, for cases where ethnicity data is known. Latinx people also face greater disparities in accessing testing.

‘We’ve seen this trend before’: The deadly disparities of COVID-19 for Kansas City’s Black community

COVID-19 is shining a light on health disparities that the Black community faces, but it isn’t the first disease to do so. In addition to higher rates of COVID-19, Black people in the Kansas City area have access to fewer permanent testing sites than the white population. The health disparities behind increased cases of COVID-19 among the Black community in Kansas City can be traced to several factors.

In testing for COVID-19, Black and Hispanic people in Kansas and Missouri have fewer options

In Kansas City — and similarly across the U.S. — racial and ethnic minorities face worse outcomes and greater disparities when it comes to catching, surviving and being tested for COVID-19. In both Missouri and Kansas, Black people are contracting COVID-19 at rates higher than their share of the state population. On both sides of the state line, Black people are dying at a rate over two times their population share.