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How Kansas City organizations are encouraging immigrant communities to get the COVID-19 vaccine

Kansas City’s immigrant populations face challenges with obtaining information about the COVID-19 vaccine in their languages and signing up to get the vaccine.

But Kansas City organizations are starting initiatives to help, like creating messaging around the COVID-19 vaccine for immigrants in their own languages, placing medical interpreters at community vaccine events and having one-on-one conversations with immigrants about their feelings on the COVID-19 vaccine.

How COVID-19 has affected pets in Kansas

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s most recent data, more than 3,625 animals have been tested for COVID-19 across the U.S. — 131 positive. Household pets can catch COVID-19 from their owners, in turn potentially infecting other pets or humans.

COVID-19 Help Desk: Your questions answered

The Beacon’s newest program — the COVID-19 Help Desk — will answer Kansas City’s COVID-19 questions. This project will speed up the distribution of facts through short explainers and guides that companion the solutions and investigative pieces we also run.


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