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Truman Med announced a vaccine mandate for its 5,000 employees, and 39 resigned. Now other area employers are split.

Three primary factors caused University Health to require vaccinations two months before President Joe Biden made the decision universal, University Health President Charlie Shields said. Those factors: to protect its workforce and keep the hospitals staffed; to reassure patients that they would not catch the virus from an employee; and to send a message to…

Coming soon to your local bar: free HIV and hepatitis C tests

KC Care prevention manager Paisley Williams wants to move away from language that stigmatizes STIs and sexual health. She said the stigma only makes this health care more inaccessible — instead of getting tested for STIs or getting a prescription, it causes them to avoid care out of shame or fear of judgement.

In Missouri, Covid variants are being tracked through sewage

Each weekday at 8 a.m., the process for tracking COVID-19 variants in Missouri begins with vials of sewage samples. The boxes from across the state are unpacked at the Sewershed Surveillance Project lab at the University of Missouri. The vials get spun around in a centrifuge, separating the solids to the bottom. Next, anything bigger…

How WyCo built vaccine trust with Hispanic communities

Audio-Reader · TheBeacon 5-26-21: How Wyandotte County Built Vaccine Trust With Hispanic Community Lamon Lewis, 40, of Kansas City, Kansas, wasn’t sure at first that he wanted to get vaccinated because he was afraid of potential side effects.  But when Lewis, who identifies as African American, saw the percentage of Americans with at least one…


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